What Rhetorical B.S.

What Rhetorical B.S.

Postby Oscar » Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:40 pm

What Rhetorical B.S.

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I've just been listening to Michael Ignatieff speaking at the Canadian Club in To.

Sorry, but I have grave difficulty believing him. He has just repeated a few times that Canadians have good memories, and remember the good leadership and governance the Liberals have provided.

I have a good memory! I remember broken promises...NAFTA, Kyoto, supporting Peace by replacing the Americans, in Afghanistan... the list is long and bitter!

I believe Ignatieff has backed away from the coalition because he is as aware, as we all are, that the electoral system in Canada is broken and that HIS STRONGEST PARTNER is Steven Harper who also gets his turn in the trough because of that same system. So he has decided to give us cheap rhetoric and more vacuous promises, while he supports Harper until the moment the electorate can be duped into voting the Liberals into another false majority government.

Again Ignatieff said that "Mr. Harper has allowed this country to slip..." mentioning infrastructure decay, etc etc. REALLY? This is all on Harper's watch? Medicare (another Iggy boast) was doing well and was strong under the Liberals?

No friends, this is NOT all Harper's fault. Today's dilemmas, in every area, not just 'the economy', are directly traceable to the democratic deficit this country has been suffering from for decades. The need for and the establishment of the CoC is a direct result of that deficit and all the issues the CoC is so concerned about have only been exacerbated, not created, by Harper.

The system is broken and Ignatieff likes it that way because within short 12 months, more or less, he will be back selling off the country again.

Canada needs electoral reform. Without it things will only continue down, and I do mean down, the same abyss.

Shane Nestruck(Winnipeg)
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