God The Economy

God The Economy

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God The Economy

From: Shane in Wpg.
Sent: Friday, December 12, 2008 2:26 PM
Subject: As sent to Globe & Mail

The Editor - The Globe and Mail

We often discount the governments of distant countries like Iraq & Iran as untrustworthy and unreliable because they are run and driven by religious forces.

How can we trust a country controlled by ideas and forces that are not based in reality and which essentially deny the concrete and scientific facts we accept as true in this world?

We even suggest that the dogma as expressed by those governments is identical to the religion of the people and they are therefore too ignorant to replace their government.

We also recognize that the resources of those governments often used to propagate more religious dogma because it is the easiest way to hide their real activities and objectives.

We especially denounce their systems based upon their treatment of diversity, intellectual inquiry, dissidents and political adversaries.

And yet, in Canada, we are not identifying the very same conditions, the very same methods, the very same blind religious dogma operating in our own country.

There is no doubt that Harper bows down to ‘God The Economy’, that his every action is driven by the dogma - God The Economy - controls everything, is the sole source and route to paradise, and that refusing to bow to this god will bring down his/her wrath upon the people.

This analogy is strengthened when we look at Harper’s rhetoric but more importantly his actions: Harper feels entirely justified in having used millions of taxpayer dollars to assassinate the character of Stephan Dion for eight months before the last election.

After all, Dion is a heretic!

He talked about a different economy a changing economy and even more importantly he questioned 'God The Economy' that Harper worships.

The other zealots of Harper’s religion, the Liberals, could hardly wait for Dion to show weakness before they tore him to shreds like a pack of Jackals.

Nobody, Liberals, Conservatives, or NDPers dared to suggest opening The Book and examining the details of this religion.

But what would you expect in a theocratic tyranny.

Today, in Poznan, Poland, the world is viewing Canada in exactly the same light as we often view theocracies.

Canada, in the control of a religious zealot Harper, is disgracing Canada in the tradition of the Cretien government’s ignorant abuse of The Kyoto Accord.

We are seen as religiously wedded to archaic mysticism of the past.

We are consistently been identified as fanatically ignorant!

Now, The World sees Canada for what it is, a country and people controlled and enslaved by a government in the service of an old archaic god from the Carbon Age – God The Economy.

'God The Economy' created this world crisis. The Economy is a False God!

Shane Nestruck(Winnipeg)
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