Totally missed the boat!

Totally missed the boat!

Postby Oscar » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:32 pm

Totally missed the boat!

Published in the Toronto Star on January 29, 2009 as
Budget doesn't address roots of crisis

From: Shane in Wpg.
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 5:15 PM
Subject: Totally missed the boat!

The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press

Dear sir:

Listening to the Conservative budget it is clear both Harper and Ignatieff, who the budget is designed to please, have and continue to deny the causes of this crisis.

Let's review: The economy based upon infinite growth on a finite planet has finally broken down. No, disintegrated all together, engulfing the world in what will soon be admitted to be a depression, but this time a depression that is world wide and more profound than ever dreamed.

Meanwhile the budget's focus is to be a stop-gap while attempting to return to that same broken economic system. Nowhere in the budget was there any mention or other demonstration that the growth economy has reached its limits and finally fallen apart. Nowhere was there mention or understanding that this is our country's and the world's opportunity to see 'economic growth' for the false concept it is, and embrace the reality that the whole world must re-tooled for a sustainable/green economy.

When Obama talks about his plans for his country, he talks about changing reliance on oil, changing the focus of jobs from the old established ones to the new economy, but in Canada, led by intellectual and political dinosaurs, the budget is blindly pushing on in the same direction and trying to return to the same mistaken concepts that have been so clearly disproven.

Ignatieff also makes it more than obvious that Dion was ditched by the Liberal Party of Canada because his party could not and would not buy the concepts of change, sustainability, and green.

As the profound flaws in the concepts and understanding driving the Conservatives, their brothers the Liberals, and their cousins the NDP, become more obvious to Canadians, perhaps we will start to vote for real change, real leadership, real economic understanding.
As we sink deeper into the depression, Canadians will begin to think for themselves instead of following the vacuous rhetoric of these representatives of international finance and exploitation that have created this dilemma.

Shane Nestruck(Winnipeg)
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