Rex Murphy and The National Geographic

Rex Murphy and The National Geographic

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Rex Murphy and The National Geographic

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Dear friends at The National,

RE: Rex Murphy's attempt to discredit the National Geographic Tar Sands feature on tonight's news 26.02.09

OK so you gave Rex Murphy his moment to display his rhetorical skills, but in doing so he disgraced the traditions of journalistic excellence CBC is known for with his ignorance and cavalier, over-confident 'religious' myopia.

Rex spouted forth against the "simplistic, hypocritical" National Geographic, but his so-called logic was burdened by his ignorance of his belief system that accepts, it seems, every iota of the dogma that drives the 'growth, industrial, exploitation' economy that was unquestioned for most of the last century.

So many of Rex's statements SIMPLISTICALLY started with statements like 'If we want..' and then he would list some of the so-called advantages provided by the archaic 'economy' he believes in. So much of his rhetoric SIMPLY made the choice for the population and himself WITHOUT considering the alternatives... many of which are terrifying.

These are the tools of a who believes in the power of words and specious argument over logical investigation of facts and possibilities.

An example of his use of closed/circular logic, was that he accepted as unquestionable that we 'need' energy in the quantities and excesses that he believes are necessary for our standard of living... or perhaps standard of expectations. But of course such a shallow effort to discuss the topic does not seek deeper understanding and truth but is truly just showmanship and pretence of intelligent discussion.

Rex's diatribe, or perhaps better described as- blind and ignorant recitation of the dogma he fears to question, was a DISGRACE to the traditions of excellent broadcasting and journalism CBC is renowned for.

Rex is clearly a man from the past with the understanding of a man from the mystical traditions of 'infinite growth and infinitely abusable planet'. It seems he is totally unaware of Climate Change and the pollution that is killing-off life in even the oceans. It seems he cannot make the connection between the disappearing polar ice caps and the burning of fossil fuels. He is clearly a staunch member of the religion of 'Oil the God that provides everything'.

Perhaps it is time that CBC considered a more equipped commentator. At very least in the environmental area we deserve a commentator not crippled by dogma and myths from the past.

Except for his vocabulary and grammar Rex was every bit the equal of George Bush.

Like we need this CR _P in Canada? On The National?

If CBC needs to save money, fire this over-confident buffoon!

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