Satire or reality?

Satire or reality?

Postby Oscar » Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:27 pm

Satire or reality?

March 14, 2009

The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press

Dear sir:

I believe the presence of Mr. Currier in the Municipal Councillor race is particularly useful and educational.

He demonstrates the power of name recognition over content better than any candidate in recent history, and thus demonstrates the shallowness and ineffectiveness of politics in Winnipeg.

I had the pleasure of attending a forum at Kelvin High School in which the Trustees and Councillor candidates all participated together.

In that forum Mr Currier erroneously described development in the Lanark-Centennial area as 'sprawl' when it is clearly 'infill'.

He also discussed public safety as if it existed in a vacuum where poverty and lack of social services had no causative effect.

Most amusingly, he, directly to the students present, likened youth full behaviour as following the path of least resistance, and credited our Chimpanzee ancestors for that trait.

Finally he suggested the traffic from south Winnipeg would get downtown easier when Kenaston Blvd. was finished.

And now he has clearly come out as a 'Flat Earther' believing cars have no effect on Climate Change.

Satire can be effective as an educational tool, but reality is often even more effective.

Shane Nestruck
Winnipeg, MB
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