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The National

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for exposing the shame of just one small piece of Canadian foreign Policy.... the sale of Asbestos to third world countries.

I wish I could believe this is an 'oversight' of our Canadian government, but having just read "The Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy" by Yves Engler, I cannot.

Engler's book documents the decades of crimes against humanity that are perpetuated in the name of "The Economy", the Canadian economy that our government bows down to, even when it is clear that economy is often based upon ravaging the environment in distant lands; virtually enslaving workers in distant lands where they have absolutely no protection, no health care and little hope; often destroying the agriculture of those lands and even poisoning the air, water and food of those workers.

But then if business wants to do those things, their servants, our government, facilitates their actions, even backs them up with military might. After all it is good for "The Economy"

It is time Canadians realized that the disappearance of our fresh water, the disappearance of our fresh air and the poisoning of our foods are only the logical next step after our Canadian companies and “our” government have spread those evils over much of the world.

Read the book and weep for your naive fantasies of a “gentler - fairer” country!

Shane Nestruck

The Economy is a false god - Democracy sleeps in Canada
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