Terrible News from Barcelona !

Terrible News from Barcelona !

Postby Oscar » Wed Nov 11, 2009 12:03 pm

Terrible News from Barcelona!

From: Shane in Wpg
Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 10:41 PM


As the planet plumets toward Climate Change tipping points that will unleash unheard of misery on the world, the news from Barcelona is devastatingly morbid.

Today in Barcelona the UN announced that the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit will NOT be able to finalize a treaty. WHY? Because opponents to the objectives of the Copenhagen Summit, like Steven Harper, have 'successfully' undermined this critical project.

Yes, Canada's government, this Conservative one and its predecessor Liberal governments, will go down in history as having perpetrated Crimes Against Humanity as they reneged on our Kyoto Commitments, did everything to deceive the people about the realities of Climate Change, and following that pattern of corrupt, decietful governance, did everything to undermine the Copenhagen pocess.

And these crimes in the name of “The Economy”

Elected by a small minority of Canadians, and propped up the Ignatieff Liberals, Harper has confirmed that Canadian Democracy is dead.

Harper, (and Ignatieff) have not acted in the best interests of Canadians but have instead sold their souls to the same economic forces that over the last 60 years have changed Canada from a hopeful utopia where ONE wage earner could support a family, into a plutocracy where TWO university educated professionals (an example of the 'best off' segment of our society) work well into their 30s just to pay off their student loans and get enough equity to consider raising a family. Those less 'advantaged' have watched their standard of living decline immensely.

This is the economy Harper and Ignatieff worship. "That Economy" is a false god.

Canada, once a country of hope, has been changed into a country controlled by callous political nihilists in the employ of Corporate Greed.

Pray for your children! Pray for the planet!

Shane Nestruck
Winnipeg, MB Canada
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