“The Economy”

“The Economy”

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LETTER: Shane: “The Economy”

From: Shane in Wpg
To: To. Star
Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 1:21 PM
Subject: "The economy"

The Editor, Toronto Star
Dear sir:
It is not difficult to be distrustful of the Federal government, especially with Harper's recent insults to democracy and the intelligence of Canadians. However, his responses to criticism seem to go virtually unchallenged. Harper continuously uses the words "the economy" with very little critical argument from his critics. We all know Harper includes the Tar Sands and all the industries dependent on it; the Military-Industrial; industries that provide technologies and munitions to the wars around the globe; the Nuclear Power industry and the uninhibited proliferation of technologies that contribute directly to the spread of military nuclear capabilities around the globe; and of course our international mining and resource industries that perpetrate human rights abuse, and pollute, desecrate, and abuse the environment overseas - in his concept of "the economy".

But what the Canadian public hears is 'My Job'.

It is time the media started using specific industries and specific examples when Harper uses his euphemisms and co-opted terminologies to justify his policies.

For example, I'm quite sure the workers in the Nuclear Industry would sleep happier if their jobs were shifted to developing green technologies that would not threaten our existence on this planet. Imagine if the Federal Government had invested as much money into the development of LED technologies as it has put into the nuclear industry..... We would be saving more electricity today than our nuclear reactors produce. We would need far less electricity than we are already producing.

Harper is not interested in the future of Canada or Canadian industry. He is interested in protecting the interests of his backers, the majority of which are part of the established resource-energy-military industries. So when he uses the words 'the economy', he is speaking with forked tongue. On the one hand, he is cynically threatening Canadians with their jobs, while on the other he is covertly supporting the industries that will eventually destroy the planet...and even his obscenely rich elitist friends.

But I reiterate: Until the media exposes this fraud for what it is, the public will continue to be cowed into subservience.

Shane Nestruck
381 Arnold Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
'The Carbon Economy' is a false god!'
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