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Putin’s Fateful War of Choice

PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2022 9:36 am
by Oscar
Putin’s Fateful War of Choice

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Jeremy Kinsman Date Posted: February 24, 2022

On behalf of the world, the Secretary-General of the UN said February 23 on the eve of Russia’s all-out assault: “President Putin, stop your troops from attacking Ukraine. Give peace a chance. Too many people have already died.” He went ahead, with implications unknown at time of writing. The narrative informing events between Russia and Ukraine, Russia and the West and Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden dates back to post-Cold War loose ends of the 1990s. Longtime senior diplomat and former Ambassador to Moscow Jeremy Kinsman, who was there, explains.


Contributing Writer Jeremy Kinsman, served as Canadian Ambassador to Moscow from 1992-96, as well as Ambassador to Rome, High Commissioner to London and Ambassador to the EU. He is currently a Distinguished Fellow of the Canadian International Council.