MEILI: A Different Look at Health

MEILI: A Different Look at Health

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MEILI: A Different Look at Health

Published in the Wynyard Advance January 14, 2013

In his presentation, entitled "Medicare & Beyond: Building a Healthy Society", in Wynyard on Dec. 8, 2012, Dr. Ryan Meili suggested that the
connection between government policy and a healthy society is broken, and that a new approach to organizing for change is needed.

In the movement towards a healthy society, we need to move from the current treatment of illness to addressing all the factors leading to the
poor health of a society and which, if addressed, both prevent illness and promote wellbeing.

These factors, the social determinants of health, include income, education, housing, social supports, with the most important being income:
more income equals better health, less income equals worse health - in all age groups, for both women and men.

The impact of these factors is well known to governments and health care organizations. What is lacking is the political will and public pressure
to bring about different policies and services that will lead to change.

He stated that change cannot happen without those citizens who, being aware of the issues, are willing to take the risks to provoke lasting change, to turn ideas into a new approach to a healty society.

In closing, Dr. Meili proposed that by governments and an aware citizenery working together to address the determinants of health, this understanding could be turned into concrete actions to bring about different policies and services that will benefit everyone.

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Ryan Meili is a family doctor at the West Side Community Clinic in Saskatoon and head of the Division of Social Accountability at the College
of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan.

His new book, "A Healthy Society", is available at:

Video of a similar presentation at University of Regina on A Healthy Society:

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