WATCH: Founding Chair Dr. Danielle Martin at US Senate

WATCH: Founding Chair Dr. Danielle Martin at US Senate

Postby Oscar » Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:31 pm

WATCH: Founding Chair Dr. Danielle Martin makes a splash at the US Senate

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Our founder, board member, and Past Chair Dr. Danielle Martin is receiving accolades for her performance at the US

Senate Subcomittee Hearing "Access and Cost: What the US Health Care System Can Learn from Other Countries."

Her defence under pressure of Canada's public system and her recommendations for American reform are being recognized across political divides, indicating the potential for us to overcome bias and personal interest to support a Canadian system that provides care based on need, not ability to pay.

Highlights from her interaction with Richard Burr, the North Carolina Senator openly opposed to Obamacare, were posted to Senator Bernie Sanders' YouTube page. The video has since gone viral, and currently sits at over 700,000 views (click here to watch)
[ ]. The story has also appeared in most major media outlets in North America, with a near-unanimous focus placed on Dr. Martin's evidence-based, intelligent, and energetic defence of Canadian medicare.

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Also, please help us spread the word on Dr. Martin's Senate performance. The best way to do this is by "liking" our Facebook page (click the "like" button at the top) and sharing its contents, including Dr. Martin's performance, with friends.

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