SIGN & SHARE: Canada needs to invest in a Just Recovery

SIGN & SHARE: Canada needs to invest in a Just Recovery

Postby Oscar » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:37 pm

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Subject: Canada needs to invest in a Just Recovery

Sign the petition to demand Minister Bill Morneau invest in a Just Recovery
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This afternoon, Finance Minister Bill Morneau gave what he called a “fiscal snapshot”, revealing how much money the government has spent, and plans to invest in a recovery from COVID-19.

The short version is that because of COVID-19, the government expects to have less revenue and more costs.1 And we know that in the past, these kinds of situations can lead to major austerity and corporate handouts, putting people at risk and setting back our ability to tackle the climate crisis. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make it crystal clear to Bill Morneau that Canada’s recovery has to put people ahead of polluters and corporations.

We need to speak up. Sign the petition to demand Bill Moreneau join G20 finance ministers to invest in a Just Recovery for all that puts people before profits.
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The fossil fuel industry is on the verge of extinction. South of the border, thanks to the continued Indigenous-led resistance, the US Supreme Court halted the Keystone XL pipeline — which the Alberta government poured billions into pushing forward, and is backed by the same company infringing on Wet'suwet'en unceded lands with Coastal GasLink.2

Instead of investing in harmful industries, like oil and gas, that exacerbate the climate crisis, we need to invest in a post-pandemic recovery plan that puts people first. That’s why, as world leaders prepare to convene for the G20 summit, people are speaking up to demand that finance ministers around the globe deliver a Just Recovery.

G20 finance ministers hold the pursestrings for the wealthiest economies in the world. And they can make a Just Recovery possible. Will you speak up to demand that all G20 finance ministers, including Bill Morneau, deliver a Just Recovery for all?

Take 2 minutes to sign the petition to urge Bill Moreneau to join G20 finance ministers to invest in a Just Recovery.
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1 - Highlights of Bill Morneau's 2020 fiscal 'snapshot'

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2 - U.S. Supreme Court deals blow to Keystone XL pipeline project
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Re: SIGN & SHARE: Canada needs to invest in a Just Recovery

Postby Oscar » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:39 pm

Green Party response to Economic snapshot

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July 08, 2020

OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada responded today to the fiscal snapshot provided by Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s economic update.

“Never before has it been so clear that the economy takes a back seat to nature,” said Green parliamentary leader Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands). “We are in a sea of uncertainty. We are in a pandemic. When the population of humans is hit with a deadly parasitic virus, the economy is blown back. When the climate emergency worsens, the economy will suffer.

“Today’s fiscal snapshot makes it clear that recovery will require more spending than the initial $14 billion promised in additional transfers to provinces and territories,” said Ms. May. “It is evident that Finance Canada understands that economic recovery will depend on secure and affordable childcare and better paid sick leave. It is also clear that municipal governments are in crisis and will need a robust financial infusion to assist them in the recovery.”

The $14 billion dollars allocated in the Safe Restart Agreement is currently allocated to the following seven competing priorities:

Testing and contact tracing
Health Care Capacity
Personal Protective Equipment
Vulnerable populations
Child Care
Sick leave

Greens agree that pandemic-related emergency spending has been essential. CERB, CEBA, CEWS and other programmes have prevented even deeper economic impacts and have also helped Canada flatten the curve. More and better targeted spending is still needed.

“Replacing the CERB with a permanent Guaranteed Livable Income (GLI) is a transformative social policy that will serve us well for the long-term,” said Green caucus critic for labour, employment, workforce development and disability, Paul Manly (MP, Nanaimo-Ladysmith). “The PBO costing thus far does not include savings in our public health spending, in correctional services and in cost savings in cancelling poverty-related programmes provincially and municipally. Moving forward with phasing in GLI as a CERB replacement will eliminate the concern that CERB is a disincentive to returning to work.”

Ms. May said that for-profit long-term care must be eliminated and not-for-profit agencies should be operating under national guidelines established under the Canada Health Act. “Evidence to date shows that long-term-care workers are not returning to work out of legitimate fear that they will not be safe,” said May. “This requires an urgent response.”

Green MP for Fredericton, Jenica Atwin noted that the Government of Canada will have to continue spending to ensure a smart and safe recovery. “Spending must be aligned with climate goals to avoid an even harsher lesson in how the economy will have to take a back seat to the hard realities of science,” said Ms. Atwin.

“The reality is that governments write the rules on how we manage the economy,” said Ms. May. “We cannot rewrite rules for the behavior of a virus. We cannot rewrite the rules of atmospheric chemistry. COVID19 is teaching humanity a lesson. We must learn that lesson to survive COVID19 and the climate emergency.”

“This snapshot of July 2020 shows a country blessed to have been in strong fiscal shape pre-pandemic. We agree with the government that Canada is well-positioned to recover and recover well. To do so, we have to lay hold of a bold, transformative agenda. We have to re-imagine our future,” concluded Green Party Interim Leader Jo-Ann Roberts.

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For more information or to arrange an interview:

Debra Eindiguer

Rosie Emery
Press Secretary
613-562-4916 ext, 204
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