LISTEN: SaskPower's Carbon Capture project debatable . . .

LISTEN: SaskPower's Carbon Capture project debatable . . .

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LISTEN: SaskPower's Carbon Capture project debatable . . .

LISTEN: SaskPower's Carbon Capture clean energy project debatable, despite success - Feb 23, 2015
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CBC RADIO "The Current" - February 23, 2015

SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK ON: SaskPower's Carbon Capture clean energy project debatable, despite success - Feb 23, 2015

SaskPower is burning coal and capturing its emissions with the first Carbon Capture and Storage operation, surpassing expectations. But what some say is an environmentally responsible way to use fossil fuel, critics argue it enables bad energy policy.

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NESTRUCK COMMENT: SaskPower's Carbon Capture

From: shane Nestruck
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2015 10:13 AM
To: The Current
Subject: Oh - Oh !

Dear Anna Maria & The Current personnel,

In today’s discussion about sequestering carbon in Sask., one of your guests mentioned that ‘about half’ of the existing coal power plants will have to be replaced in about 15 years. His point being that those plants might be designed with carbon sequestering technology, and furthermore that whole concept might be rather expensive and truly just a way to support more carbon (coal and oil and gas) usage.

HOWEVER, It seems the reality of those facts was completely missed. Missed as in the discussion fell into the trap of “discussion” WHEN WHAT IS NEEDED IS CONSCIOUS ATTENTION TO THE FACTS..

HERE ARE SOME FACTS: As little as a decade ago scientists were predicting an ‘ice free Arctic*’ by the end of this century…

FACT: We had that ‘ice free arctic' both in the summer of 2013 and 2014 - 86 YEARS EARLIER THAN THOSE CAREFUL PREDICTIONS.

* the words ‘ice-free’ referred to the southern parts of the Arctic that were unnavigable because of ice (not the whole arctic circle)

In light of:

... that example, one of many that show that Climate Change is happening at a far greater rate than the worst predictions
…the fact Climate Change is responsible for the Calgary floods directly in the constituency of our Prime Minister ( who denies Climate Change)**
… science has proven the use of fossil fuels is a DIRECT cause of Climate Change

** an unusually large Gulf storm created historically significant tornados all over the southern U.S., then migrated north into Canada (unusual!) and then turned westward (totally unprecedented!) causing historic deluges in the Calgary foothills.

MAY I SUGGEST: that you and the guests missed the point: Talking of actions that MIGHT curtail the proliferation of more carbon into the atmosphere in 15 years, completely ignores the serious possibility that 15 years will be too late!

Seriously, I’m getting frustrated as CBC either ‘misses the point’ or is coerced, by whatever means to cover-up, and misdirect any serious discussion on these matters with commentaries that AVOID clear and intellectually competent discourse.

i.e. Nobody conversant with the science of Climate Change ( and CBC journalists have a duty to be conversant) can allow such a comment to go by unchallenged and unnoticed.

SHAME, on you. Canadians deserve more courageous and FACTUAL discussion on “our” network…. DESPITE the presence of Harperites in your midst!

Shane Nestruck
381 Arnold Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3l 0W8
h 204-474-2588
c 204-510-8828

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REPORT: $1.5 billion SaskPower Carbon Capture Project financially and environmentally irresponsible:

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SaskPower opened its $1.5 billion Boundary Dam Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Facility to much fanfare, with Premier Brad Wall hailing the project as “another Saskatchewan first.” However, a new report from the Saskatchewan Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives questions whether the rewards from such an enormous public investment outweigh the risks. SaskPower’s Carbon Capture Project: What Risk? What Reward? by Brian Banks and Mark Bigland-Pritchard raises many questions about the cost of the project, the consequences for ratepayers, the purported environmental benefits and whether it was ultimately money well spent by the province. The authors conclude that the massive investment in CCS technology would have been much better spent on new, less-expensive, renewable sources of energy that would have a far greater environmental impact in terms of reduced Green House Gases (GHG) than what CCS technology can currently offer.

REPORT: SaskPower's Carbon Capture Project - What Risk? What Reward?

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Author(s): Brian Banks, Mark Bigland-Pritchard February 10, 2015
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