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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2014 8:20 am
by Oscar

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Released on February 11, 2014

A proposal by Fortune Minerals Ltd. (Fortune) to construct and operate a new metals processing facility near Langham has been approved by the Government of Saskatchewan, as required under The Environmental Assessment Act. The proposal was assessed to be both environmentally and technically sound, providing both environmental safeguards and outlining company plans to ensure Saskatchewan’s air, water and natural resources are protected throughout the duration of the project and after.

Fortune can now move forward and apply for necessary approvals, permits and licenses that regulate construction and operation. The company will be required to comply with all applicable provincial and municipal laws.

“The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to protecting our environmental resources, and maintaining an enviable quality of life for our residents,” Environment Minister Ken Cheveldayoff said. “Saskatchewan’s Environmental Assessment program provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to decision-making to ensure that key environmental safeguards are in place while supporting a growing economy.”

The proposed project – which will process 65,000 tonnes of ore a year into gold, bismuth, cobalt and copper products – underwent a government-wide technical review, including a full assessment of groundwater availability, the potential for groundwater contamination and to ensure that all activity is well within Saskatchewan’s stringent environmental standards. The Water Security Agency confirmed that the proposed use of groundwater is sustainable and the Dalmeny aquifer has the capacity to meet the needs of both Fortune and existing licensed users of the aquifer.

As a condition of approval, the project will be subject to stringent ongoing monitoring and reporting from construction through operation, decommissioning and reclamation activities. Fortune will be required to provide a financial deposit, to be held in safekeeping by the government. This will ensure there is no long-term liability to the province or its residents.

The ministry continues its shift to a results-based regulatory model, which is designed to streamline regulatory processes and support growth while improving and strengthening environmental protection. -30-

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