LEADNOW.ca: Big news re: FIPA

LEADNOW.ca: Big news re: FIPA

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LEADNOW.ca: Big news re: FIPA

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Big news: Prime Minister Harper did NOT ratify FIPA today as expected, which means that the fight goes on to stop this terrible deal.

This is encouraging, and we have huge momentum. But we have to keep building, because he may simply have delayed for a few days to regroup. Now that it's been 21 days since FIPA was tabled, he can ratify it at any time without notice. But the fact that he didn’t do it today shows how rattled he and his caucus must be by the massive upwelling of grassroots opposition from every corner of Canada.

Two weeks ago most Canadians had never heard of this terrible deal, and it seemed inevitable that Harper would ratify it today.

But thanks to you, it’s been an incredible week. Along with our partners at SumOfUs.org, we’ve been working literally around the clock -- holding press conferences, delivering your 70,000+ signatures to Parliament, purchasing hundreds of radio ads crowdfunded by over 3,000 of you, building call tools that thousands of you used today to call key Conservative MPs, and more. We’ve heard from dozens of incredible organizers rallying their communities on the ground against this deal from coast to coast to coast.

We're going to be working on next steps all weekend, so stay tuned for a key update soon. But we wanted to share this encouraging news immediately, and we’ll be back in touch with you early next week with next steps to keep on fighting FIPA.

In the meantime, if you're on facebook, you can join us at SumOfUs and Leadnow to get more frequent updates.

Thanks for all that you do,

Matthew, Emma, Jamie and Taren on behalf of Leadnow.ca and SumOfUs.org

P.S. We still need to engage as many Canadians as possible on this issue - please click here to share our latest campaign image on facebook.

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