Why China's Foreign Minister Flipped out in Ottawa Yesterday

Why China's Foreign Minister Flipped out in Ottawa Yesterday

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Why China's Foreign Minister Flipped out in Ottawa Yesterday

[ http://thetyee.ca/News/2016/06/02/Why-C ... ign=020616 ]

Canada's press corps touched a nerve. Three very raw ones, actually.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, June 2, 2016, TheTyee.ca

The only thing Canada's foreign minister Stephane Dion could do was stand next to his Chinese counterpart and try to maintain a pleasant veneer.

To his right Wang Yi was losing his temper after a Canadian reporter asked a question about three touchy subjects: Hong Kong book sellers critical of Beijing that have gone missing, the country's aggressive moves in the South China Sea, and the detention of Canadian citizen Kevin Garratt in China.

The questions were asked as part of a single predetermined pool question by Canadian reporters put to Dion by Amanda Connolly of iPolitics during a media session in Ottawa with the visiting foreign minister Wednesday.

Connolly referenced the three issues before asking: "Why is Canada pursuing closer ties with China, how do you plan to use that relationship to improve human rights and security in the region, and did you specifically raise the case of the Garratts during your talks?"

After Dion answered, Wang was asked a question by Chinese state-run media CCTV news, a question that within it made accusations about foreign aggression toward China.

Wang put aside his answer to attack Connolly, through a translator, for asking about human rights.

"I have to say that your question is full of prejudice against China and arrogance where I have heard that come from and this is totally unacceptable. I have to ask whether you understand China. Have you been to China?" Wang pressed.

As he went through familiar defence lines used by the Communist Party of China, he became increasingly upset.

Wang said civil rights are written into the Chinese law as well.

"I would like to ask you to please don't ask questions in such an irresponsible manner and we welcome good will suggestions but we reject groundless or unwarranted accusations," he said.

Groundless? Here are facts about the three issues raised in the question put to Dion.


[ http://thetyee.ca/News/2016/06/02/Why-C ... ign=020616 ]

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