LISTEN: Trudeau - doctor-assisted suicide & Bill C-51

LISTEN: Trudeau - doctor-assisted suicide & Bill C-51

Postby Oscar » Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:52 am

LISTEN: Trudeau on why he’s pushing for doctor-assisted suicide (and Bill C-51, esp. oversight)

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CBC RADIO – As It Happens – February 26, 2015

Inspired by his father, even in death. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau describes Pierre Trudeau's final diagnosis and how it informs his own politics when it comes to physician assisted suicide. (14.06 min.)

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NESTRUCK COMMENT: CBC Interview - Justin Trudeau - "Transparent as MUD"

From: shane Nestruck
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Subject: Transparent as MUD

As It Happens
CBC Thurs Feb 26, 2015

Dear Carol,

RE: Your interview with Justin Trudeau today: [ ] (See Below)

I rarely feel the the words ‘transparent and responsible’ are appropriate when discussing politicians and I deeply appreciate your efforts to get Justin to answer your questions ‘forthrightly’ (another political oxymoron).

But, after the part of the interview dealing with C-51, I have to say: Justin is in the wrong business!

His answers were about as transparent as the ice in a skating arena and his skating...around the questions…. was such that he should retire from politics and take up either hockey or figure skating.

The question Justin did not seem to want to contemplate is: Are Canadians threatened more by foreign terrorists or by our own government led by Harper and/or the ambitious Trudeau.

Thanks for your efforts… we learned a great deal about Justin today!

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