Bill C-51: Laws don't apply to Govt and Police elites . . .

Bill C-51: Laws don't apply to Govt and Police elites . . .

Postby Oscar » Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:43 am

FINLEY: Bill C-51: Laws that do not apply to the Government and Police elites

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1. (addressed earlier) 2015-02-25 The public debate on Bill C-51 (Secret Police) should include context, the comprehensive SURVEILLANCE that is already in place [ ]

2. “Terrorism” is being used to mean anything.

By definition it is violence aimed at CIVILIAN POPULATIONS. Terrorists kill and terrorize innocent children, women, and men. That is DIFFERENT from the killing of SOLDIERS. If you kill soldiers from a country that is at war with your country, that is NOT an act of terrorism. It goes with the territory. Journalists are irresponsible when they plaster the word “terrorism” on events that are not terrorist events. It is an emotional word that creates fear.

See C-51: Excellent video, Glenn Greenwald. Propagandized population. Terrorism is a word to legitimize the violence we do and de-legitimize the violence of others against us
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3. Decisions about C-51 need to incorporate the factual information that reveals:

The Government and Police clearly believe that the Laws do not apply to them. Which means they believe they cannot be held accountable to the Rule of Law.

Bill C-51 needs to be thrown out, for this reason, too. . . . Read on.


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