WATCH: GALATI Taking Secret Police Act to Court

WATCH: GALATI Taking Secret Police Act to Court

Postby Oscar » Sun May 31, 2015 9:55 pm

WATCH: Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Plans to challenge Bill C-51 in Federal court (Background below)

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Plans to challenge Bill C-51 in Federal court

[ ] (3 minutes, 49 seconds video)

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Published on May 30, 2015

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Toronto, May 30, 2015 Filmed by Derek Soberal, Renowned Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Plans to challenge Secret Police Bill C-51 in Federal court

"Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati told the crowd he would mount a court challenge if the bill is passed into law, drawing a cheer.

“What this legislation creates is a modern-day Gestapo,” Galati said. “No exaggeration, that’s what it creates. It chills, sensors and criminalizes free speech, free association and constitutional rights of assembly.” [ ]

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT "Toronto featured high profile speakers including renowned constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati who has stated that he plans to challenge Bill C-51 in Federal Court. [ ]

Rocco Galati is the same lawyer who took on Harper's Supreme Court of Canada nominee and had him rejected on unconstitutional grounds and is currently taking on the Bank of Canada under the COMER case. [ ],

Lawyers across Canada are opposed to Secret Police Bill C-51, the Canadian Bar Association, which has 36,000 lawyers has publicly denounced the bill. [ ]

The Canadian Bar Association representing over 37,000 lawyers, Judges, and law professors fully came out in support of Canadians marching in protest of Secret Police Bill C51 [ ]

To date Bill C-51 is opposed by: Now a majority of Canadians according to new polls, Less than 33% of Canadians are in favor of the bill, down drastically from 82% who supported the bill when it first appeared. [, ]

Mainly due to social media, raising public awareness, rallies. Tens of thousands mobilized across Canada on March 14th, and April 18th in over 100 cities and communities in total.

Over 225,000 people signed petitions in Canada opposing Bill C-51, virtually all of Canada's national newspaper editorials have spoke out against it along with, the Green Party, the NDP, 4 former prime ministers, civil liberties advocates, Canada's privacy commissioners, former supreme court justices, Former attorney generals, 60 Canadian Business Leaders Sign Letter Against Bill C-51, The Canadian bar association representing over 36,000 lawyers, the people behind Mozilla's firefox Internet browser, 100 Quebec organizations, Seven leading Canadian Human rights groups, The Union representing over 51,000 Canada Post workers, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and over 100 organizations, hundreds of constitutional lawyers, Native Chiefs across the nations, former CSIS agents, NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden, Conrad Black, Rex Murphy, Ralph Nader, to name just a few.

The conservatives and the liberals are the sole political parties who voted to pass bill C-51 in Parliament. -Occupy Canada

Couldn't make it to an event? Everyone can do this! Tell Your Senator to Stop Bill C-51, it just takes seconds to send a tweet, email [ ]
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