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The Editor
Winnipeg Free Press

Dear sir:

As the latest spring flood approaches, we see articles on people sandbagging along the Red River through town.

At the same time we hear that the floodway can handle considerably more water than during the 'flood of the century' (1997).

Still there is no public outrage that the floodway is not and has not been designed as a control device that will maintain normal river levels through town until the emergency when the demands on the floodway exceed its capacity.

Such a design would save the city and land owners millions of dollars of property damage and loss each year.

Unfortunately the same situation, poor planning, is going to cause huge problems on Kenaston as the flow of traffic to the proposed IKEA site will overflow and inundate the surrounding communities.

Be it traffic or water the same lack of planning continues to destroy Winnipeg, one boondoggle at a time.

Shane Nestruck
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