NFU on Potash Merger: "We always get stung in these mergers"

NFU on Potash Merger: "We always get stung in these mergers"

Postby Oscar » Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:52 pm

"We always get stung in these mergers"

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NFU's Terry Boehm on Potash Corp-Agrium merger

BNN Interview - Sept. 13, 2016

Terry Boehm, chair of the Seed and Trade Committee of the National Farmers Union [ ] and past president of that group says that the Agrium and PotashCorp merger could have adverse impacts on Canadian farmers. He explains why in a video interview with Andrew Bell, host of the BNN program Commodities.

Click here to watch the 8-minute BNN video:
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In an interview with CBC's Peter Armstrong, host of CBC News Network's On The Money, Boehm said "Our experience with mergers, whether it be in herbicide manufacturers, seed companies, etc., has always led to higher costs to the farmer as we have very little power to negotiate as individual farmers, or even as small collectives, ...with these behemoths that are being formed."

Click here to watch the 3.5-minute CBC video:
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PotashCorp and Agrium announced their merger on Monday, September 12, 2016.
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