LISTEN: Corporate Funding @ Cdn. universities......

LISTEN: Corporate Funding @ Cdn. universities......

Postby Oscar » Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:24 am

LISTEN: Corporate funding at Canadian universities . . . .

You can listen to the podcast of today’s broadcast of The Current at [ ... -1.4759156 ]. The segment about corporate funding at Canadian universities begins at 22:00 minutes.

“On CBC Radio's The Current this morning, there is a substantive piece on corporate money sponsoring academic research. It opens with a FOI based investigation into Trans Alta sponsoring research into coal fire power at the University of Alberta (the argument is that Trans Alta funded an academic who came out with a favourable report on coal fired power). It then shifts and CBC interviews a professor at the University of Manitoba who is the head of an ethics program. He explains and is critical of the nature and extent of corporate funded research in the Canadian university context.”
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